10 Exciting Games Like Pictionary

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Board games like Pictionary have become so wildly popular for a reason — not only do you get to showcase your drawing skills (or lack thereof), but you get to have a fun night competing with your family and friends. Playing Pictionary is an excellent way to spend an evening, spend quality time with people you care about, and get away from yet another night of watching TV or mindless browsing social media.

Whether you’re looking for family-friendly drawing games like Pictionary or board games like Pictionary for adults, there are countless options available for you. Even if you like Pictionary but aren’t super keen on the drawing aspect (some of us aren’t amazing artists!), then there are plenty of games that follow the same general concept and are heaps of fun to play.

So, if you’re looking for diversify your game nights are looking for a few fun games like Pictionary, then these ten board games are sure to please!

10 Games like Pictionary

Googly Eyes

Like Pictionary but wish it was just a bit harder and a bit more silly? Then Googly Eyes is a great choice for you! This drawing game is fantastic fun for the whole family and is sure to be a favourite of those looking for games similar to Pictionary.

Accommodating anywhere from 4-12 players, Googly Eyes has pretty much the same rules and concept as Pictionary. Players divide into teams, draw a card, and are required to draw what is on the card for a limited amount of time while their teammates guess what it is. The catch in Googly Eyes, however, is that the artist must also wear a pair of vision-impairing glasses so they can’t tell what they’re drawing clearly!

So if Pictionary is too easy and tame for you, then make sure to introduce a copy of Googly Eyes into your family game nights — you won’t be sorry!


If you like Pictionary but are bored by the fact that the only thing you have to do is draw and wish the game was slightly more diverse and interactive, then Cranium is an excellent choice for you!

Incorporating elements from Pictionary along with things like trivia, charades, and many others, Cranium encourages you to use your entire brain while playing and is always fun and raucous.

Accommodating 4 to 16 players, Cranium is a family-friendly game that is sure to encourage creative and critical thinking while also being incredibly engaging and heaps of fun.

There are four sections that players need to get through: Creative Cat, where players must draw or sculpt out clues, Data Head, where players must answer trivia questions, Word Worm, where players have to spell difficult words or guess definitions and Star Performer, where players must sing or act out various different prompts.

This is a fun and interactive game that incorporates all talents and skills, so if you like Pictionary but wish it didn’t rely so much on drawing, then Cranium is an excellent game for you.

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A Fake Artist Goes to New York

If you’re looking for for a great mix of Pictionary and a cool social deduction game, then make sure to check out A Fake Artist Goes to New York. Great for ages 8 and up and accommodating 5-10 players, this game is a lot of fun and will make you question how much you trust your friends or family members.

The general concept of this game is simple, each player is meant to be an artist in New York City, however, on amongst your friends is actually a fake artist. The fake artist won’t receive the clue of what to draw on their whiteboard, but the other players don’t know who the fake artist is. The player who is the fake artist must try and draw the clue to the best of his/her abilities based off of what the others are drawing.

This game is excellent for those looking for more games like Pictionary and also those who enjoy the added element of a hidden identity!


Are you looking for the perfect game that combines Pictionary with the classic game of Telephone? Well, enter Telestrations. This game is perfect for those looking for a game similar to Pictionary but want to mix it up a little bit.

Great for 4-8 players, each player is equipped with a dry-erase board and a marker. At the top of each turn, each player must roll a die and see what word pops up, then they must draw that word. At the end of the turn (marked by an sand timer), players pass their boards to the person next to them and now that person must guess what has been drawn, and draw it themselves.

The game can turn fast and get very silly, which is an excellent feature for those looking for an experience similar to Pictionary. All in all, Telestrations is a fantastic game to add to your family game nights.

Drawing Without Dignity

Looking for games like Pictionary for adults? Look no further than Drawing Without Dignity. With a similar theme to Cards Against Humanity, this game is essentially the same game as Pictionary but with inappropriate topics that players must draw.

If you want to get to know your friends on a deeper level and are sick of the clean, family-friendly nature of traditional Pictionary, then this game is for you. Much like in Cards Against Humanity, this game is sure to leave you both heaving in laughter and feeling deeply uncomfortable — both great ingredients for a fantastic games night!

While definitely not appropriate for anyone who isn’t an adult, Drawing Without Dignity is an excellent game for a grown-ups only games night.


Like Pictionary but are also a huge fan of building things with Legos? Then Creationary is the perfect game for you! This game is perfect for those looking for fun games like Pictionary but are sick of having to draw all the time.

Following pretty much the exact same premise as Pictionary, Creationary incorporates building Lego sculptures rather than drawing pictures. 3-8 players must divide into teams, each turn a player from each team will select a card with an item they’re meant to build. In the span of the sand timer, the player must build the structure and his/her teammates must guess what it is before the other team.

So if you want to mix it up a bit or you just love building things with Legos at any chance you get, then make sure to pick up a copy of Creationary.


Though it doesn’t involve drawing, sculpting or writing, Codenames is still quite an excellent, family-friendly game to play for those who are looking to play more exciting board games similar to Pictionary.

The concept is simple: 2-8 players divide into 2 teams and each team designates a “Spymaster.” The game consists of a series of cards that everyone can see with various words listed on it. The Spymaster on your team will then draw a card that only he/she can see and give his teammates clues to pick out words that go along with it.

This is a great guessing game that has you collaboratively working in a team to guess what the leader is trying to convey, much like in Pictionary. So if you’re not the creative type but still like the concept of Pictionary, the make sure to try out Codenames on your next game night.

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If you want to explore another creative outlet while playing a game like Pictionary, then Rapidough may be an excellent option for you!

This exciting game, which allegedly accommodates anywhere from 4-99 players, is incredibly similar to Pictionary except for the fact that players are meant to sculpt things out of a dough rather than to draw them on a pad.

This is is very fun for those of whom drawing isn’t their special talent or for those who just want to make their game night a little bit more tactile. A great game for the entire family, consider picking up Rapidough to add a sculpting twist onto Pictionary.

Over The Line

Another great game like Pictionary for adults, Over The Line is an excellent option for those who find traditional Pictionary just a little too tame for them and Drawing Without Dignity a little bit too limiting.

Over The Line is an adults-only game the is very similar to Cards Against Humanity in the fact that it has a number of offensive and inappropriate cards to choose from. It combines elements of Charades and Pictionary together to make for a hilarious and raucous games night that is sure to entertain.

So, if you have an inappropriate sense of humour, want to have some explicit fun at your next dinner party, or are just bored of all of the family-friendly games there are out there, then make sure to give Over The Line a try!

Pass The Pen

If you love the time limits and artistry in drawing games like Pictionary, then you’re sure to love Pass The Pen! Coined as “the world’s fastest drawing game,” this is an excellent game to play if you’re getting a bit bored of Pictionary but still want to have some fun with drawing under pressure!

Accommodating 3-6 players, each turn a player has 10 seconds to draw an item that has pulled from a deck of cards. The special pen that comes with the game will retract as you run out of time, making it impossible to draw anything for too long! If people are able to guess what you’ve drawn, you get a point, if not, you don’t; it’s that simple! Once your turn is up you pass the pen over to the next player and continue on. The player with the most points at the end of the game, wins.

Pass The Pen is an exciting and fast-paced drawing game that is sure to delight anyone who is looking for a board game similar to Pictionary!

Finding fun board and drawing games like Pictionary isn’t a difficult task and these ten great games are sure to entertain you no matter what the situation!

Are you on the hunt for more fun games like Pictionary? Have any suggestions that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments!

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