10 Cute Card Games Like Sushi Go!

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Searching for games like Sushi Go!? It comes as no surprise that the adorable, party game Sushi Go! is so beloved.

This quick, pick-and-pass card game, designed by Phil Walker-Harding, is popular amongst kids and adults alike. Smaller groups love this speedy card game and the deluxe expansion, Sushi Go Party!, is great for big game nights.

And the insanely cute sushi art by Walker-Harding, Nan Rangsima, and Tobias Schweiger is irresistible.

Whether you love this game for its simple gameplay or the cute cards, this list of 10 cute card games like Sushi Go! will add more adorable and fun games to your collection.

10 Games like Sushi Go!

Go Nuts for Donuts

If you are after games like Sushi Go!, Go Nuts for Donuts should be top of your list. With a foodie theme and adorable cards, lovers of Sushi Go! are sure to enjoy this cute card game designed by Zachary Eagle and with art by Claire Donaldson.

Go Nuts for Donuts is a quick, 2-6 player game that has players compete to collect sets of matching doughnut cards. Go Nuts for Donuts has an additional bluffing element, as players secretly bid for cards. If two players bid for the same doughnut card, it is discarded and no one gets it.

This fun, simple game is a great light card game on game nights and is also perfect for families looking for cute card games similar to Sushi Go!.

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Unstable Unicorns

Unstable Unicorns is a super cute, super crazy card game that is perfect for anyone looking for games like Sushi Go!.

Designed by Ramy Badie, this 2-8 player card game is great for parties. Players will collect different unicorn cards, from baby unicorns to powerful magic unicorns, and build their unicorn army.

Special unicorns and the cards in your hand will give you bonuses on your turn and the ability to block other players. The first player to collect 7 unique unicorns wins! But don’t let the cute unicorns fool you. Unstable Unicorns is a brutal ‘take that’ game and is all about destroying your competitor’s unicorn army.

If you love the adorable art and simple gameplay of Sushi Go!, Unstable Unicorns could be your new addiction.

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Exploding Kittens

If you’re looking for games similar to Sushi Go!, the hugely popular card game, Exploding Kittens, should be on your list. This 2-5 player card game is designed by Matthew Inman, Elan Lee, and Shane Small.

Players take turns revealing cards from the deck until someone draws an exploding kitten and is eliminated from the game. But throughout the deck are cards that will give you all sorts of special abilities, such as looking ahead to and reordering the upcoming cards or forcing the other players to draw multiple cards.

Exploding Kittens has all the cuteness of Sushi Go! but with a big dose of tension.

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Cat Lady

Another one for the cat-lovers, Cat Lady is a fun alternative if you’re looking for card games like Sushi Go!. Cat Lady is a simple and quick set-collecting game that is great for families or casual gamers looking for games similar to Sushi Go!.

Designed and illustrated by Josh Wood, in this 2-4 player game you will become a cat lady and compete with your fellow players to collect kitty-related cards – treats, food, and, of course, cats! Sets of toys score points, as does feeding your cats. You will need enough food to feed the cats you have drafted, otherwise, you’ll receive a penalty.

The rules of Cat Lady are simple enough for kids to enjoy, but there is plenty of strategy and ‘take that’ gameplay too. Fans of Sushi Go! will delight in this cute, simple, but rewarding card game.

Fairy Tale Fluxx

If you’re searching for card games similar to Sushi Go!, the world of Fluxx games is a great place to look. Created by Andrew Looney, Fluxx is a card game with ever-changing rules and lots of different variants.

But the award for the cutest Fluxx must go to Fairy Tale Fluxx. Children’s book illustrator Mary Engelbreit provides wonderful fairytale-inspired art for the cards.

The basic rules of Fluxx are: you collect ‘keepers’ to match a certain goal (for example, ‘The Prince’ and ‘The Princess’ keeper cards meet the requirements for the ‘Happily Ever After Goal’). The rules begin as ‘draw a card and play a card’, but players can play new rules and actions to constantly change the goal and the rules.

Fairy Tale Fluxx is a fast-paced, 2-6 player card game and both families and regular gamers will love this laid-back classic.


Dixit has very different rules to Sushi Go!. But it still makes this list as a cute card game that anyone looking for fun card games will love.

Like Sushi Go!, Dixit has amazing art (by Marie Cardouat), simple but elegant rules, and can be enjoyed by families, casual gamers, and even as some light relief on regular board games nights.

Dixit is a 3-6 player game designed by Jean-Louis Roubira. Each round, one player takes on the role of a storyteller and chooses one of the artistic cards from their hand to tell a story around.

The other players will then choose one of their own cards that they think fits the story and the storyteller will shuffle all received cards together and lay them out.

Players must then try and guess which is the storyteller’s card. Points are scored for finding the storyteller’s card and if anyone chooses your card.

Dixit is a light, beautiful card game that, like Sushi Go!, is great for parties and game nights.

Pusheen Purrfect Pick

Another kitty-themed game on the list, Pusheen Purrfect Pick is an adorable board game based on Pusheen, the much-loved cartoon cat used across social media. If you’re searching for fun board games like Sushi Go!, Pusheen Purrfect Pick could be your new favourite.

This 2-5 player game, designed by Steve Warner, is great for families looking for a cute board game to play with the kids. Players move Pusheen around the board, either in her house or in the park if you flip over the board, collecting special item cards along the way.

These cards can be traded in for point-scoring ‘snapshots’, and the first player to get to ten points wins!

Point Salad

Point Salad is a quick, fun card game and perfect if you are searching for games like Sushi Go!. Designed by Molly Johnson, Robert Melvin, and Shawn Stankewich, this 2-6 player card game has over 100 ways to score points!

There are six different veggie cards, from carrots to onions, which can be combined in different ways to score points. If you love the foodie theme of Sushi Go!, you’ll find a new favourite in Point Salad.

This game is simple but rewarding and packed with strategy, making it a great game for both families and regular gamers.

You’ve Got Crabs

If a game that gets you screaming ‘YOU’VE GOT CRABS’ at your fellow players sounds fun to you, why not try out You’ve Got Crabs?

Despite the innuendo involved, You’ve Got Crabs can be enjoyed by players aged 7+. Designed by Matthew Inman and Elan Lee, it is a 4-10 player game, making it great for parties or big families!

Players split into teams of two players and will draw and swap between them the cards that they draw from the deck. The goal is to get one teammate to hold four crabs of the same type and the other teammate to point to them and say ‘you’ve got crabs’ when they do.

You can’t talk to your teammate, but you can try to give a secret signal. But if another team spots you trying to make your signal, they can shout ‘you’ve got crabs’ and point and will score you points instead.

You’ve Got Crabs is a delightfully simple and funny game that gamers of any age will enjoy.

Deadly Desserts

Another game for food-lovers, Deadly Desserts is a fun, competitive trick-taking card game suitable for gamers aged 7+. In this 2-10 player card game, in each ‘trick’ the starting player will play a food card and other players must play cards matching the food category.

The player who played the highest-scoring card wins the trick. In each of these tricks, the aim is to lose the trick, as the winner will take damage. You keep playing tricks until someone has used all their cards and then play two more rounds of tricks, or until someone has lost all their hit points.

Deadly Desserts is a great introduction to trick-taking card games and a fantastic alternative if you’re after cute card games similar to Sushi Go!.

Card games like Sushi Go! are easy to pick up, quick, and fun. And cute art is a big bonus. Whether you’re a family looking for a new game to play with each other or after a new party game to bring out at game nights, this list has plenty of fun, adorable, and silly options.

Are you searching for more games like Sushi Go!? Have any recommendations that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments!

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