8 Fun Card Games Like Apples to Apples

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Interactive, family-friendly games like Apples to Apples are immensely popular for a reason. Finding a game that you can play with your entire family that is both fun and interactive for all ages can actually be a bit of a challenge, however, there are a number of great games out there that you can enjoy.

If you’ve played Apples to Apples far too much and looking for games like it, then you’ve come to the right place. These eight great games similar to Apples to Apples are sure to spice up your game nights and ensure you’re having fun for many years to come!

8 Games like Apples to Apples


If you’re on the gunt for a game like Apples to Apples with pictures, then Dixit is a great choice for you. Combining the same association principle as Apples to Apples with beautiful artwork, Dixit is another family-friendly game that is also lots of fun for adults to plat.

The concept of the game is very simple and very similar to Apples to Apples. Each player is dealt a hand of five cards all with various beautiful and vague images on them. Each turn, one player will choose one of their cards and come up with a phrase that they believe describes the card.

From their own decks, players must choose a card of their own that they think also describes the phrase. The cards are then shuffled and players vote to figure out what was the original card. The player who gets the most points at the end of the game, wins.

Appropriate for all ages, Dixit is a perfect game to add to your collection.


Another word association card game like Apples to Apples, Codenames is another recent, yet wildly popular game. It is also very simple and appropriate to play with kids and adults alike!

The game is very straightforward. Players split into two teams and select one of their own as a “Spymaster.” The game consists of cards laid out in a grid form with various words on them.

The “Spymaster” chooses a couple of words from the cards that he/she wants his/her teammates to guess and will give them a vague hint using a similar word that describes them both.

The team that guesses the most correct words, wins! Codenames is a great game for those looking for card games similar to Apples to Apples, especially if they love word-association games.

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Exploding Kittens

Branding itself as a “game for people who like kittens and explosions”, Exploding Kittens is a fun and entertaining game to pick up if you’re on the hunt for some great card games like Apples to Apples.

The game is simple to learn and immensely fun to play — in fact, it has soared in popularity since its release and is one of the highest-selling Kickstarter campaigns of all time! It is fun, fast-paced and family-friendly and the perfect game to play for both young and old.

Essentially based upon Russian Roulette, Exploding Kittens requires players to continuously draw from a deck of cards until they, inevitably, draw a “kitten” card and “explode.” Three are also a lot of other cards included in the game that make it more interesting, provide you immunity, etc.

Exploding Kittens is a quick game and it is incredibly popular and is sure to be a welcome addition to your games collection.

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An old favourite, Taboo is a perfect addition on this list of games like Apples to Apples. Great for those looking for some educational word-association games, Taboo is fast-pasted and exciting and perfect for those looking for a good time at their games nights.

If you’re unfamiliar with Taboo, the game is easy enough to understand. Braking into teams, each turn one player has to describe a word on a card to a teammate in a limited amount of time. On the card is the word they must get their teammate to guess and also a lot of other words that are “taboo,” or that they cannot use to describe this word.

This game makes it necessary to be creative and draw from your own vocabulary and can also end in hilarity and laughter — just like Apples to Apples!

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Another word game that has been around for more than thirty years, Scattergories is a great game to play if you’re looking for something similar to Apples to Apples. This game is fun and easy and, again, very family-friendly!

The premise of the game is simple: each player is equipped with a pad of paper and category cards. At the beginning of each turn, a 20-sided die is rolled and each side of the die is described with a letter.

In the time of three minutes, players must write a word in 12 different categories all starting with the letter the die landed on. Whoever does it first or has the most words at the end of the round, wins that round. The player who has the most points by the end of the game wins!

Fun and fast-paced, this is a great word game that is similar to Apples to Apples.

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Cards Against Humanity

If you’re searching for a card game for adults like Apples to Apples, then you obviously cannot go wrong with a good old round of Cards Against Humanity. Similar to Apples to Apples in every way except for content, Cards Against Humanity is truly for mature players only as the cards are inscribed with truly offensive things.

Billed as the “party game for horrible people,” if you’re above the age of about sixteen or seventeen and find that Apples to Apples is just a bit too tame for you, then make sure to play Cards Against Humanity. The game follows the exact same premise and idea as Apples to Apples, just with far more inappropriate cards.

Guaranteed to make you laugh out loud and feel deeply uncomfortable, Cards Against Humanity is the ideal game to pick up if you’re after more party games like Apples to Apples for adults.

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Snake Oil

If you’re looking for games similar to Apples to Apples but wish that the aforementioned game had more of a theme that is was following, then Snake Oil is an excellent choice for you! With a premise much like Apples to Apples, this game is set in the Wild West where each player is a con-man selling a product akin to “snake oil.”

In a system set up that is very similar to apples to apples, one card czar draws a master card and, from their own deck, players must put down another card that best matches (in their opinion) the master card.

In this instance, however, players are creating “products” with dubious medicinal properties to sell for a profit in a small and unassuming town.

This game is fun and interactive and can be very funny and it is absolutely perfect for those looking to add more games like Apples to Apples into their card game collections.

Sushi Go!

Another great game like Apples to Apples with pictures instead of words, Sushi Go! is incredibly adorable, easy-to-learn, and very quick to play, making it the perfect game for those looking for a fast and easy game to pass the time.

The premise of the game is that each player starts with a deck of cards with various kinds of sushi drawn on them. Each sushi dish has its own point value assigned to it and the goal of the game is to put as many pairs of the same sushi dish together to get the maximum number of points.

More of a picture-association game than a word-association game, Sushi Go! is still an excellent game to include on this list of card and party games like Apples to Apples that is perfect for both adults and children alike!

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Finding games like Apples to Apples doesn’t have to be hard, considering there are so many great card games out there on the market. Whether you’re looking for games like Apples to Apples for adults for more family-friendly fun, these eight games are sure to be hits!

Are you on the hunt for games similar to Apples to Apples? Have any recommendations that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments!

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