10 Family Board Games Like Candy Land

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Are you searching for board games like Candy Land?

Candy Land is one of those games like Monopoly or Clue that introduced many to the world of board games from a young age. Created by Eleanor Abbott in the early 1940s, Candy Land is a staple board game for many families. This 2-4 player board game can be played by anyone aged 3 and up, thanks to its simple rules.

But now you and the kids are fed up with Candy Land and you’re looking for something new. Or your children have outgrown Candy Land and need something a bit more complex for family games night. Either way, this list of 10 family board games similar to Candy Land has a wide selection of fun board games for all ages.

10 Games like Candy Land

The Quest for El Dorado

If the kids have grown out of Candy Land but you are looking for more race-to-the-finish board games, The Quest for El Dorado could be your new favourite.

This 2-4 player board game, designed by Reiner Knizia, is suitable for kids aged 10+ and great for families looking for games like Candy Land. Players are expedition leaders in search of the legendary city of gold, El Dorado. You must lead a team of explorers through the South American jungles and the first player to reach El Dorado wins.

Although The Quest for El Dorado is a race game, the mechanics involve building a deck of cards that will help you overcome obstacles in the jungle. So if your kids are fans of Candy Land and you want to branch out to other types of board games, The Quest for El Dorado is a great introduction to deck-builders.

The rules are simple and easy to pick up but both children and parents will enjoy the strategy of this exciting game.


Monza is a fantastic racing game suitable for young kids. Anyone looking for board games similar to Candy Land will soon find that Monza is a great alternative.

In this 2-6 player game, designed by Jürgen P. Grunau, players roll six dice and move their car according to the colours shown on the dice and the corresponding spaces on the board. Monza is recommended for kids aged 5 and above, but kids aged 3 or 4 could still join in with help from parents.

Monza is also a very quick game – it can be played in less than 15 minutes! And if you enjoy the racing cars theme but are after something for older kids and a bit more complex, why not try out Downforce?

Unicorn Fever

If you have older children and love the cute colours and racing mechanics of Candy Land, Unicorn Fever is a fun alternative. Designed by Lorenzo Silva and Lorenzo Tucci Sorrentino and with adorable art by Giulia Ghigini, Unicorn Fever is an excellent game with a fun mix of strategy and luck.

Unicorn Fever is recommended for players aged 14+, but fans of the game have suggested that kids aged 10+ could play as well. The players are wealthy citizens of the fairy realm placing wagers on unicorns racing on rainbows.

Over the course of 4 races, players place bets to earn gold and victory points. But you can also make deals in order to fix the games or risk taking out a loan from the Elf Mob.

Unicorn Fever is a 2-6 player game and takes around 40 minutes to play. If your family are looking for board games similar to Candy Land but want to step up the difficulty, Unicorn Fever could be your new addiction.


Labyrinth is an old-school family board game and great for anyone hankering for games like Candy Land. Designed by Max J. Kobbert and first released in 1986, Labyrinth is a fun 2-4 player board game and suitable for kids aged 6+.

Labyrinth has a modular board, meaning that tiles can be slid in and out to create an ever-changing maze. Players must make their way through the maze, collecting treasures as they go, and the player who collects all their treasures and makes it out of the maze first wins the game.

Labyrinth combines strategy with puzzle-solving but has delightfully simple rules, making it a great alternative to Candy Land for family game nights.

My First Castle Panic

My First Castle Panic is a wonderful board game for kids aged 3+. Designed by Justin De Witt, this 1-4 player board game is co-operative. So if Candy Land is bringing out everyone’s worst competitive streak, My First Castle Panic is a great remedy that will have the family working together.

Players are tasked with protecting a castle from encroaching monsters. You must play cards from your hand that match the locations of the monsters in order to throw them in the dungeon. If the monsters destroy the castle, everyone loses.

But if you defeat the monsters and save the castle, everybody wins! And for kids aged 7 and up, you might want to try the full version of the game – Castle Panic.


Cubitos is an exciting, new family-friendly game designed by John D. Clair and with fantastic art by Jacqui Davis, Philip Glofcheskie, and Ryan Iler.

Cubitos is a 2-4 player game suitable for kids aged 8-10+, making it a great board game for families looking for board games like Candy Land for older children. Players are competing in the Cube Cup and must race their cubes around the board.

Each turn you will roll dice to move your cube along the race track, buy more dice, and use your special abilities. Cubitos is a push-your-luck game, so each turn you will decide how much you are willing to risk in order to advance your cube.

This wacky, colourful game is a wonderful alternative to Candy Land and one that all members of the family can enjoy.

Hoot Owl Hoot!

If you have young kids and are searching for board games like Candy Land, Hoot Owl Hoot! is the perfect game to add to your collection.

2-4 players will work together to return all the owls to their nest before morning. Players draw cards and play them from their hands to move the owls closer to their nests, but in the deck are sun cards that will edge the game closer to morning.

This quick, co-operative game is designed by Susan McKinley Ross and is suitable for kids aged 3-10. If you’re looking for fun, family games similar to Candy Land, Hoot Owl Hoot! is a sweet game that will get the whole family working together.

Can’t Stop

Can’t Stop is one of my favourite games. If you and your family enjoy chucking dice and pushing your luck, Can’t Stop is a classic board game that everyone will love. This 2-4 player game, designed by Sid Jackson, is ALL about pushing your luck.

The board is made up of 12 columns numbered 2-12. Players will roll four dice and arrange them into pairs, the total of which tells you which column you can move up. For example, 1 3 4 6 can become 1+3 and 4+6 for 4 and 10, or 1+4 and 3+6 for 5 and 9, and so on.

You will then move your marker up one space on one of these columns and then you can roll the dice again. But watch out – you can only move up 3 different columns on your turn, so if you roll the dice and can’t move up any of the columns you have progressed on, you lose all your progress.

This quick, fun game is suitable for players aged 7 and above and will be just as fun for adults as for kids. If you’re after dice-rolling games like Candy Land, Can’t Stop is a fantastic addition to anyone’s collection.

The Game of Life

If you’re after board games like Candy Land, it doesn’t get more classic than The Game of Life. This board game, designed by Reuben Klamer and Bill Markham, has been a family favourite for decades.

2-6 players will make their way around the board and compete to have the most successful life. You will take your token through college (or straight to work), across its career, marry and have kids, and eventually retire. Suitable for kids aged 8+, Life is mostly a game of luck with a few choices thrown in along the way.

This easy, family-friendly game is a great alternative to Candy Land and one that kids will love.

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Camel Up (2nd edition)

Families looking for board games similar to Candy Land will find plenty to love in Camel Up. This 3-8 player game is recommended for kids aged 8 and above, although fans have said kids aged 6 and 7 can also get involved.

Players place bets on camels racing around a pyramid. But the camels will trip over each other and run in the wrong direction! Placing your bet early can help you win big, but anything can happen in Camel Up and you could see your winning camel in last place.

Camel Up is designed by Steffen Bogen and families will love the components, which include wooden camels and a pyramid dice tower. This silly, lightweight game will offer plenty of fun on family games night.

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Candy Land is a simple, colourful game that introduces many kids to board games. From more easy games for young kids that will add some variety to game nights, to exciting board games that older kids who have outgrown Candy Land will enjoy, our list of 10 family board games like Candy Land ticks every box.

Are you searching for more games like Candy Land? Have any recommendations that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments!

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